Liam Fontaine Meets

Liam Fontaine does a Facebook Chanel where people vote/nominate for someone to be recognised for all the good they do and they are given a Hero's of Edinburgh award. 

Pauline was voted by her friend and won, pauline stands by what she always says and this award isn't just for her but for the whole of LIFT and the community. 


Christmas Hamper Appeal 

Each and every year we do a Christmas hamper appeal. Christmas is the happiest time of the year but for a lot of people its a worry whether they can afford Christmas this year. 

we begun the appeal to take that kinds of pressure off of the people in our community who struggle with this. we have previously provided food hampers and also gift which we get donated and/or cash for kids appeal.  


The Forth Awards 2019 

This was another award that Pauline was voted for and won. The Forth award recognises the people within the community and/or in the entertainment industry. These people are recognised for all their hard work and achievements. Pauline won the Cash for kids award. 


Easter Egg Appeal 

Each Holiday can be a worry for parents of our community, Each year within the holiday where gifts would be expected our team at lift will always go above and beyond to try to take some pressure off of the parents who are or would struggle at this time. Each year for easter we do an Easter egg appeal, we have had donations boxes in Morrisons and also had a large donation from Scottish Gas. Even through COVID-19 and with people struggling themselves the community came together and helped by donating eggs and or small gifts, activity bags where made and donated this year to help with the boredom of the lockdown. 



As soon as the news began reporting on people in the uk contracting COVID-19 we were aware of what was going on around the world already. When businesses and companies began to close as we went into lock-down we as a team decided that we would be needed more than ever! 

The centre CLOSED BUT we stayed open and opened ourselves up to become a helping hand in delievering food and other essentials out to our clients which then turned into the whole of the community. We spend 19 weeks shopping, making meal, packing food bags and delievering them to the people who needed our help. 

TOTAL DELIVERED OVER 19 WEEKS – 18,836 Packed Lunches, 3,282 Food parcels filled with essential groceries and toiletries.  367 family referral's.  


STV TV appearance 

Recently two member of our staff where interview by STV to highlight homelessness within Scotland. These two member have been homeless themselves, know how it feels, what its like and how the bidding of houses works and goes. 



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